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Multi tasking geniuses – women

Multi-tasking!! A dreaded word indeed. A prominent Indian Star says he would like to learn how to multi-task from his steady girlfriend of many years, and one of the top stars today. But alas! He doesn’t know that he is not wired for it. And no other male of the same species is. After all there is some chemical ‘locha’ which was programmed by the ‘Vidhata’, when the male was created. After all, the male was an experiment of the Lord which was then improved upon drastically, when he created a female. And then there were millions of years of evolution, during which time the chores taken up by the male and female of the human species, reinforced and reiterated, what characteristics are being shown by them now.
From times pre-historic, the man took up the role of a provider. For this role, he had to go into deep jungle, with the weapons he developed, to hunt and kill animals for his and his family’s daily food. Since the animals were more better endowed in terms of strength, speed and agility, the human male soon realised that he cannot overcome such animals alone, he had to act in a group. For this he had to develop good working relationships with others. Thus his instincts of a provider and camaraderie with fellow males increased, and became second nature.
However once he came back to the community, since a lot of energy had been used up in hunting activities, he just wanted to rest and recuperate for the next day, so that the energies are stored for the next day, which was bound to bring its own challenges. Doing this over and over across innumerable generations, hard wired only one instinct of the male, and that was to be a provider and his other abilities did not develop to that extent.
And what was the female doing all this while? What was she not doing…first and foremost, she had been given the most difficult task by the Lord, i.e. to give birth to the next generation. So right from giving birth to looking after the children, but at the same time, maintaining cleanliness at the abode, washing clothes, ensuring that everyone has something to eat, so preparing meals, beautifying the abode, et al. And neither food nor water was always abundantly available, hence she had to make use of the same, most frugally. In pre-historic times, there was no money to buy any requirements, hence only alternative was bartering, in which goods are exchanged. Hence she developed negotiating and selling skills. For this she needed street smartness and convincing speech, which got developed to their highest peak performance. And doing all these activities together, day in and day out, is the same thing, which we refer to as, multi-tasking.
So friends, multi-tasking is something, which the female species has got a big lead in terms of generational evolution and when a male feels that he will learn it, just by observation and repetition, is living in a fools paradise. At best, the male can start attempting it now, and over the next million generations, we can be able to reach the same space, where the female is today.
Yatindra Tawde

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