Dental Yoga

There have been so many sinkholes all across the world, that most of you are aware about them. Sink holes are nothing but, sudden caving in, of earth and this can happen in the wilderness or even in busy cities, gobbling up roads, vehicles, people and sometimes, even whole buildings.

Similar things happen inside my mouth, or to be more specific, in my 32 jewels (now only 28.5 remain or thereabouts). Sometimes these sinkholes are minute and sometimes they are huge. They start by, first gobbling up fibery food and then there is fast progression towards bigger and bigger particles, Saunf or Aniseed being the biggest culprit.

After that, however clean i try to keep my mouth by regular brushing, once i go to the dentist very reluctantly, he or she is sure to find that one Saunf, which has managed to dodge my “swach mukh” Abhiyan’s, by hiding in some cranny of my teeth embankments. And if I try to delay the inevitable by not going on a dentist’s table, my teeth protest with such intensity, that even if they are themselves doing “maun vrat”, my mouth gets concocted and my throat screams out, in great distress.

So finally, I am left with no choice, but to go on a dentist’s table. A dentist approaches my mouth, like a caver who has discovered a new cave, with his light and some implement, which he uses to lightly hammer on my teeth. My teeth protest further, making me wince in pain, crinkling my eyes, the tears welling up.

Here the cave digger is going hammer and tongs on the culprit linkage of my mouth’s shredding and chewing apparatus. Then the mad scientist, which is the dentist, wants to see how far the cave has progressed. In his parlance, it is an X-ray selfie which he is seeking. After a lot of manoeuvring of a tough piece of plastic into some recess of my mouth, he suddenly brings up the selfie stick, and zaps some X-rays near the culprit tooth.

All this while, I am trying to keep my cool with deep breathing exercises, along with trying out some sleeping yoga positions, to reach some sort of a comfortable pose. Suddenly, with no warning the piece of plastic is yanked out and in goes a blower which sprinkles water into the mouth, which I am then instructed to rinse out, in that half sleeping position.

Very gravely, the piece of plastic is developed in a jiffy, and I am given the most dreaded advice, “you will have to go for a root canal treatment, there will be four sittings (if I am lucky), and the cost of the same is…”. This is accompanied by closing and opening of a model of the chewing mechanism, with very pink gums and very white teeth to show me how deep the bacterial caver has progressed inside the root of my tooth.

My whole world crashes, I am left speechless (not toothless yet, or rather, not more toothless). While going home, I am wondering about the variety of life, which God has created, which likes to stay and prey on the unsuspecting food particles which are consumed by me on a regular basis. Actually, whatever I eat, is first consumed by these tiny creatures residing in my mouth, and then myself. I go back and break the bad news to my better half and she gives me the other piece of advice, “If only you had listened to me earlier…”

Yatindra Tawde


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